Fourth generation magnetron
The fourth generation magnetron has three specifications, namely 4kw, 6kw, and 10kw, designed to meet the requirements of IMO in pseudofrequency. The fourth generation magnetron adopts technology, which not only meets the requirements of new radar, but also can be well applied to old radar.
The new fourth generation magnetron adopts a compatible design and can be used on almost all radars with the same output power. Simple adapters can be added to solve installation difficulties. The new magnetron is very lightweight and does not require any support, allowing for direct docking with the toroidal device.
The fourth generation magnetron is fully compatible with the second and third generation products;
The appearance of the fourth generation magnetron is smaller than that of the second and third generation products, avoiding the problem of inconsistent dimensions during replacement installation;
The fourth generation magnetron performs better than the third generation product;
Equipped with a matching board (model A/model B), it can replace any magnetron with the same output power;
The fourth generation magnetron (4, 6, 10kw) can be applied to any corresponding 4, 6, 10kw radar, thus retaining inventory for all models.
Pseudo emission
The main reason for developing a new generation of products is to meet ITU's bandwidth limitation requirements. The fourth generation product successfully developed by EEV not only meets the new regulations of ITU, but also does not require any additional bandwidth filtering devices. Then the design of the modulator is also very important, because it drives the magnetron. If the modulator is poorly designed, it may make even the best magnetron produce bandwidth pulses. So far, the test results have proven that the fourth generation product has excellent performance.
Matching board
The installation size of most radar magnetron bases is typical of 113 millimeters for second-generation products, which is the same as the size of third-generation products, such as Mg5241 and Mg5424. We have developed two sets of matching boards, Type A (113mm) and Type B (115mm), installed on the fourth generation 4 kW, 6 kW, and 10 kW magnetrons to replace the second and third generation products of the same length.
These matching boards come with a set of 10mm M4 screws and washers to secure the fourth generation products. There is also a set of screws and washers of different lengths to ensure suitable size during installation. With these matching boards, the fourth generation products can be installed on any 4 kW, 6 kW, or 10 kW radar.
A lot of radar production? Taoya, carrying ignorance, sucking on Yao, jealous of Mu Tu, relying on clumsiness to mock Wei? A 113 millimeter long magnetron. The new 10 kW magnetron has been applied to the Furano radar, replacing the 9M602 and Mg5241, Decca Bridgeman 180250, E series, and others without a matching board.



12.5KW磁控管型号为:MG4010   MG5241

25KW磁控管型号为:MG5424 MG5436 MG5437 MG5459

30KW磁控管型号为:MG5223 MG5223F

60KW磁控管型号为:MG5240 MG5240F

M5068 25KW 965030MHZ
M5089 30KW 9415-9460MHZ
M5187 25KW 941030MHZ
M5187F 25KW 941030MHZ
M5199 30KW 9415-9460MHZ
MG5256 12.5KW 937530MHZ
MG5257 12.5KW 941030MHZ
MG5424 25KW 941030MHZ
MG5436 25KW 941030MHZ
MG5437 25KW 941030MHZ
MG5238 4KW 944530MHZ
MG5251 4KW 941030MHZ
MG5388 4KW 941030MHZ
MG5389 6KW 941030MHZ
MG5223 30KW 305010MHZ
MG5223F 30KW 305010MHZ
MG5240 60KW 305025MHZ
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